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With School about to begin and everyone is prepping for their courses, those who are in audio/engineering courses will be put through the ringer. Make sure your projects are top notch and finished with L.E. Services.

Offer expires September 15, 2017

Submit your music as 24bit wav/zip/rar file  



Over the last decade Liquid Energy has dedicated their time and effort to bring back the lost standards of the music industry. We are an audio engineering service that will put large names and big egos to the test as we push for higher standards and lower prices to match the dropping profit margin that lies deep in the heart of the industry. In the simplest form, we are artists as well and understand the struggle.
To prove this, send us a song to have mastered FREE(no strings attached). compare us to your engineer and find out how much better your music can sound, and how little you invest financially.

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