Mastering Packages

Liquid Energy Services offer multiple types of packages for mastering, whether you are an artist or a record label, these packages can save you both time and money. 

Mastering can be one of the largest hidden secrets to the music industry. With online instant mastering being introduced along side multiple un-trained basement engineers, the mastering world is getting a bit foggy, uncoordinated and flustered with bad product. One of Liquid Energy Services main goals is to bring quality service and expertise back into the game with many advantages over the big names, such as Price, Guarantee, and dedication to industry standard quality (not the brick wall).  Utilizing mastering packages will give you one less thing to worry about as a record label or an artist who wishes to continue working on their art and save you money instantly.

* Before you purchase a package, make sure you speak with your engineer to go over which one would best fit you both financially and structurally.

* Masters not used one month can be carried over to the next month

* If you go over for your limit for a month, you will only be billed for the extra audio files BUT with an added 10% discount courtesy of Liquid Energy Services 



**Packages are for 1 year(12 months) from the month you purchase**

Audio Files per Mo. Price Savings


$250.00 * Total without package deal [$280.00]* Saving of $30


$525.00 * Total without package deal [$575.00]* Saving of $50


$750.00 * Total without package deal [$864.00]* Saving of $114.00


$1200.00 * Total without package deal [$1440.00]* Saving of $240.00


$1500.00 * Total without package deal [Priceless]* Saving of $300+




Single - $15.00
EP(3-8) - $12.00 per audio file
LP(9+) - $10.00 per audio file

Mix Down
*Mastering including*
Single - $40.00
Two Track - $75.00
EP(3-8) - BID (contact for info)
LP(9+) - BID (contact for info)

Master Samples

You can find all the Liquid Energy Service audio masters on soundcloud with the link below.

Liquid Energy Services Audio Master Samples

**We Need Supporting Labels**

Liquid Energy Services is always looking to add more indie and underground record labels to our supporting community!
There is no fee or contract, we are an open music platform that does not judge or critique styles or direction. We only want to strengthen the ability for new and masterful artists to be able to have an outlet for their skills.
All supporting labels get 20% off all work completed and to help keep the community strong, all artists associated or rostered with a supporting label will receive 15% off all projects.
contact us to get your indie/underground label apart of the L.E. Community