Liquid Energy Engineers are Pro-Tools certified and have years of experience in Mastering and audio engineering.

Your personal engineer will contact you once a song has been submitted. They will utilize many methods and styles to ensure your music gets the quality that you and the music industry are looking for.

  • No client is billed until the final project is approved.
  • No templates are used.


Before Submitting


  • -3.0 to -6.0 db. Peak is needed to allow the engineer head room.

  • Make sure proper mix-down and EQ work has been completed including side-chain,sub isolation and mono.

  • DO NOT have any compression or limiting on master channel.

  • avoid strong cut off audio files or samples at beginning or end.

  • Label audio files: artist name_song name_BPM_mixdown.




Single - $15.00
EP(3-8) - $12.00 per audio file
LP(9+) - $10.00 per audio file

Mix Down
*Mastering including*
Single - $40.00
Two Track - $75.00
EP(3-8) - BID (contact for info)
LP(9+) - BID (contact for info)

Master Samples

You can find all the Liquid Energy Service audio masters on soundcloud with the link below.

Liquid Energy Services Audio Master Samples

**We Need Supporting Labels**

Liquid Energy Services is always looking to add more indie and underground record labels to our supporting community!
There is no fee or contract, we are an open music platform that does not judge or critique styles or direction. We only want to strengthen the ability for new and masterful artists to be able to have an outlet for their skills.
All supporting labels get 20% off all work completed and to help keep the community strong, all artists associated or rostered with a supporting label will receive 15% off all projects.
contact us to get your indie/underground label apart of the L.E. Community