Liquid Energy Engineers are Pro-Tools certified and have years of experience in Mastering and audio engineering.

Your personal engineer will contact you once a song has been submitted. They will utilize many methods and styles to ensure your music gets the quality that you and the music industry are looking for.

  • No client is billed until the final project is approved.
  • No templates are used.


Before Submitting


  • -3.0 to -6.0 db. Peak is needed to allow the engineer head room.

  • Make sure proper mix-down and EQ work has been completed including side-chain,sub isolation and mono.

  • DO NOT have any compression or limiting on master channel.

  • avoid strong cut off audio files or samples at beginning or end.

  • Label audio files: artist name_song name_BPM_mixdown.




Single - $15.00
EP(3-8) - $12.00 per audio file
LP(9+) - $10.00 per audio file

Mix Down
*Mastering including*
Single - $40.00
Two Track - $75.00
EP(3-8) - BID (contact for info)
LP(9+) - BID (contact for info)

Master Samples

You can find all the Liquid Energy Service audio masters on soundcloud with the link below.

Liquid Energy Services Audio Master Samples